A team of experts for controlling and monitoring the project

Info Solution’s experts manage the project from the analysis of the tender invitation to the drafting of the proposal, which requires the coordination of various partners, Italian and foreign, and the harmonization and the verification of the paper.

Our goal is to write a paper that highlights all the strengths of the partnership, without losing focus on what is required, and illustrates the connection with any requirement, so that the proposal has the higher chance of success.

Info Solution’s experts monitor the projects at all stages, from the preliminary meetings on the definition of the idea and the assignment of tasks to the writing of the proposal and the administrative burden, from management of the implementation of the system to expenditure and accounting reporting.

According to project’s needs and if appointed as group leader, we take care of the scientific value and functionality, project structure and its supervision.

For each project a project leader with consolidated experience in the application, realization and production context is appointed, chosen each time among those with the most appropriate skills set; the project leader is responsible for technical management, drafting of requirements and system implementation and integration up to the final tests.  

Project management activities

  • Project proposal drafting, coordination between the various partners for document drafting;
  • Project monitoring and control: drafting of requirements, system implementation, integration and final tests;
  • Prototyping in cooperation with the Industrialization team, universities and centers of excellence:

Università Sapienza di Roma, Politecnico di Milano, SUPSI, INFN IAFSI, UCLA.
Per i sistemi di telemedicina Policlinico Umberto I di Roma, Ist. Clinici di Perfezionamento, Ospedale Pediatrico Bambin Gesù – Città del Vaticano.

Unicredit award
Start Up award for Info Solution S.p.A
Roby Pallet
Automatic guided vehicle
G. De Salvo present "Energeticamente" project
Workshop organized by Fondazione Politecnico at the end of Energeticamente project
LLU Pilot
Giovanni De Salvo presents LLU Pilot
infosolutionspa LLU Pilot - Sistema di guida autonoma https://t.co/1DTBgSq0Jp
infosolutionspa Vimodrone, la lavatrice che "parla" alle massaie https://t.co/F8cdzKy51c via @giornomartesana
infosolutionspa @infosolutionspa è Alliance Partner @NI_Italy test validazione #LabVIEW #TestStand per sistemi complessi in settori… https://t.co/c2DxM0lTUF
infosolutionspa #Candy in partnership con #InfoSolutionspa e altre aziende ha vinto il bando “Accordi per la ricerca e l’innovazion… https://t.co/psbKf231dZ

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