Info Solution S.p.A. is a 100% Italian company, independent and privately owned, specialized in consulting services for production of highly technological projects. For over 15 years Info Solution has been developing embedded electronic systems, from defining the specifications to production, for its own clients across Italy. The group has today over 130 employee, 90% of whom are expert electronics and software engineers.
Info Solution, through its branches located in Milano, Genova, and Roma, works with small and big businesses active in different sectors: aerospace and defense, telecommunications, transportation, energy, medical and industry.
Info Solution has many research projects for telemedicine systems ongoing with La Sapienza University in Roma, Politecnico di Milano, SUPSI, INFN IAFSI, UCLA (USA) and several hospitals (Policlinico Umberto I – Roma; ICP Istituto Medico di Perfezionamento; Ospedale pediatrico Bambin Gesù - Città del Vaticano).


Unicredit award
Start Up award for Info Solution S.p.A
Roby Pallet
Automatic guided vehicle
G. De Salvo present "Energeticamente" project
Workshop organized by Fondazione Politecnico at the end of Energeticamente project
LLU Pilot
Giovanni De Salvo presents LLU Pilot
infosolutionspa LLU Pilot - Sistema di guida autonoma
infosolutionspa Vimodrone, la lavatrice che "parla" alle massaie via @giornomartesana
infosolutionspa @infosolutionspa è Alliance Partner @NI_Italy test validazione #LabVIEW #TestStand per sistemi complessi in settori…
infosolutionspa #Candy in partnership con #InfoSolutionspa e altre aziende ha vinto il bando “Accordi per la ricerca e l’innovazion…

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