Info Solution S.p.A. brings to the market its services as a dynamic and reliable technological partner for businesses operating in the design of electronic systems and products in Italy.

Founded in March 1998

Thanks to the experience of its founders, Info Solution S.p.A. starts off as a company specialized in software and firmware design for real-time systems in cutting-edge fields like industry, aerospace and telecommunications; exceeding 100% yearly growth rates.

The main strength of this young business is the strong customer orientation and the determination and competence of the staff.


The company reorganizes itself responding to new market demands in terms of technological know-how; two Center Of Expertise – COE are created, specialized in embedded systems and supervision and control software.

2002 and 2003

The management implements a multilayered growth strategy and establishes two business units: AS, for aerospace and defense and IND, for industries such as home appliances, railways and electronics. The strategy is to serve its clients nationwide with local branches supplying a vast range of technological skills needed for designing microprocessor-based systems.


Operations extend to central Italy, a branch is opened in Rome, inside the technology center “Tiburtina Valley”, a strategic location next to many local clients’ sites.


Info Solution S.p.A. is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2008) certification for quality management systems for software and electronic system design and development and for supplying professional services.


A new line of business, Save Energy, is founded targeted to a specific market aiming at conceiving, designing, producing and selling products and services for energy efficiency and rational energy use in households in Italy and abroad.


Local presence extends once more with the new Genoa branch.

In the same year the business structure grows with the addition of a Research and Innovation (R&I) division that supports the original core business C&D (Consulting & Development).


Save Energy S.r.l. is founded, spin-off of the formerly line of business.

The new company grows at staggering rates in the sales of products and services for heat accounting.

In the same year Domotica Integrata s.r.l. is born, a company specialized in distributing integrated home automation solutions.

Thanks to the work done by the new R&I division, Info Solution wins two call for research and innovation projects in different fields: Energy Efficiency and Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV).
R&I is now active in three research areas:

  • Energy efficiency
  • WSN - Wireless Sensor Networks
  • UV - Unmanned Vehicles


C&D division expands further its services in new fields: Engineering and Validation (IV&V – Integration Verification & Validation for specific sectors, robust design, RAMS analysis, risk analysis, etc.), PROCESS (process planning and control, quality, project engineering management) and VALIDATION (System Integration, AIV - Assembly, Integration and Validation, Certification).


The Cheonix division is born, specialized in design, production, installation and management of remote reading and remote management of smart meters and smart sensors.


Info Solution management decides to sell ownership of Save Energy to an Italian industrial group that, with ownership of Save Energy, becomes the first national player in the field of indirect heat accounting.

Info Solution has successfully completed a new business creation cycle, strengthens its assets and focuses on designing and producing innovative systems in emerging markets.

In the same year the Engineering & Manufacturing (E&M) division is created, targeting the engineering and scale production of electronic systems.

The R&I division kicks off important research projects with the Italian defense ministry and several regional authorities.


The company is ready to further evolve in new business segments and opens a new branch in Udine, where it develops products based on RFID technology for identification and tracking applications.


Info Solution is a privately owned and independent group counting more than 120 employees working at national and foreign clients, supplying:

  • Complete design and production services under different contractual frameworks
  • Product ranges for specific business areas

It has four local branches located near the headquarters of its main clients: Vimodrone, Rome, Udine, Genoa.
Info Solution offers four types of service:

Consulting services

With the Time & Material (T&M) contractual framework Info Solution can supply consultants with the requested know-how that can be integrated in the workforce at the clients’ headquarters.

Turnkey projects

Under the Fixed Price (F-P) framework Info Solution can deliver turnkey tailor-made projects.

Industrialization services

The Original Design Manufacturer framework (ODM) consists of project engineering, certification, scale production and production of goods.

Research services
The Project Grant (P-G) framework consists of sourcing funds for pre-competitive research, experimental development and innovation.

Info Solution’s management has decided to compete in specific market segments. To achieve this goal it has created dedicated business lines (LOB – Lines of Business), which are:

Domotica Integrata s.r.l., an info Solution subsidiary, dedicated to selling home automation systems;

Kedos-Net is a brand dedicated to marketing telemedicine systems;

Cheonixis a brand aimed at marketing Smart Metering systems;

Moliris is a brand created for marketing automated navigation systems for Automated Guided Vehicles;

Identification & Traceability (RFID) is a product range comprised of solutions for identifying and tracing biological and blood components.

Unicredit award
Start Up award for Info Solution S.p.A
Roby Pallet
Automatic guided vehicle
G. De Salvo present "Energeticamente" project
Workshop organized by Fondazione Politecnico at the end of Energeticamente project
LLU Pilot
Giovanni De Salvo presents LLU Pilot
infosolutionspa LLU Pilot - Sistema di guida autonoma
infosolutionspa Vimodrone, la lavatrice che "parla" alle massaie via @giornomartesana
infosolutionspa @infosolutionspa è Alliance Partner @NI_Italy test validazione #LabVIEW #TestStand per sistemi complessi in settori…
infosolutionspa #Candy in partnership con #InfoSolutionspa e altre aziende ha vinto il bando “Accordi per la ricerca e l’innovazion…

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