Info Solution develops and produces identification and tracing devices thanks to expert specialized personnel that has been working with this technology for several years. Specifically we produce solutions such as software and devices for reading and/or writing that integrate identification (data acquisition according to standard ISO15693, 14443°/B, NFC, ISO18000) with communication functionality (USB connectivity, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ETH).

RFID technology is regarded as a polyvalent and transversal technology for its potential in application to several fields.

Info Solution has created products and software for RFID systems for electromedical, transfusion, home automation and industrial fields with the following applications:

  • Traceability, monitoring and transportation of blood components and biological samples
  • Temperature control in the cold chain
  • Anti-counterfeiting of goods and industrial machines
  • Waste control and management
  • Access control for tertiary industry
  • Smart label: merchandise tracing and presentation for Fashion sector
  • Merchandise tracing during transportation and storage.

In 2014 Info Solution developed the experimental project "Palladio" in collaboration with two major industry players like Macopharma and Menarini.

Palladium is an integrated hardware and software identification system, based on RFID radio technology applied to the blood transfusion process. Specifically, this solution keeps track of blood bags from the origin, during handling, transport, and storage to distribution in the hospital ward for transfusion to the patient.

Simultaneously with the trial in Veneto with Palladio, Info Solution has won the tender offered by the Lombardy Region for technologies on blood and blood components traceability and temperature monitoring during transportation, to cover the nine macro-regional areas and about 200 collection and handling points.

Five innovative technological devices were designed and produced, integrated with each other that allow automation and process control and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements for transport and storage, resulting in improved safety.


Protection (electronic protection) of the brand and the authenticity of the product passes for RFID: the identification code of the RFID tag, unique in the world, cannot be modified because it set by chipmaker, so ensure the unique originality of the goods, protecting not only the manufacturer's brand, but also the same customer.

Moreover, the data stored in the tags follow the life of a product by providing at any time information related to:

• manufacturer

• place of product origin

• logistics path

The main areas that require the use of anti-counterfeiting:

• Fashion - counterfeit garments and clothing accessories

• Design - such as the Murano glass products

• Food - authenticity of mozzarella, wine, oil

• Pharmaceutical - the drugs coming into the gray market causing thousands of deaths

• Permissions - pass as disabled

• Industrial - replacements of parts of non-original equipment.


  • HF: 13.56Mhz / NFC
  • UHF2: 862MHz -955MHz


  • ISO15693
  • ISO14443 A/B
  • 18000-6B  EPCG1/G2
  • I-CODE


  • RS232
  • RS422/485
  • USB Keyboard/Virtual Com
  • ETH 10/100TP
  • WI-FI IEEE802.11 b/g/n
  • GPRS

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