Here we present a selection of research projects recently managed by Info Solution within the field of the guidance systems for Unmanned Vehicles: autonomous vehicles that can move around and complete tasks and adapt to their application scenario independently.

This technological area merges robotic perception capabilities with SLAM methodologies for command and control of intelligent vehicles and structures, which are able to fulfill complex missions in not perfectly predictable environments /dynamic contexts, to react to stimuli and unforeseen environmental events and plan their actions WITHOUT the direct intervention of man. The technologies applied range from sensors, necessary to retrieving of environmental information to sensorial fusion techniques, unmanned system reliability methodologies and standards; lastly we use non-standard technologies for the human/machine interface in these intelligent systems.


Robymarine is an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.


Automatic guided vehicle (AGV) to the automation of some loading and unloading operations in goods carried storage areas.


Software platform integrated to electric wheelchairs that allows them to be guided by commands sent with the mind thanks to Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI).

Unicredit award
Start Up award for Info Solution S.p.A
Roby Pallet
Automatic guided vehicle
G. De Salvo present "Energeticamente" project
Workshop organized by Fondazione Politecnico at the end of Energeticamente project
LLU Pilot
Giovanni De Salvo presents LLU Pilot
infosolutionspa LLU Pilot - Sistema di guida autonoma
infosolutionspa Vimodrone, la lavatrice che "parla" alle massaie via @giornomartesana
infosolutionspa @infosolutionspa è Alliance Partner @NI_Italy test validazione #LabVIEW #TestStand per sistemi complessi in settori…
infosolutionspa #Candy in partnership con #InfoSolutionspa e altre aziende ha vinto il bando “Accordi per la ricerca e l’innovazion…

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