Info Solution designs and manufactures land, marine and aerial Unmanned Vehicles that are able to carry out their missions without human interaction (Autonomous Land Vehicles ALV, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle AUV and Unmanned Arial Vehicle UAV).

The land vehicles are equipped with various types of sensors, the data is processed with artificial perception techniques such as "data fusion" and machine learning, in this way the vehicle can "estimate" its position and navigate autonomously thanks to an autonomous planning of the route and thanks to obstacles avoidance algorithms, and it is also able to recognize classes of objects and to represent and interact with the environment.

All vehicles, being them terrestrial, marine and aerial, make use of an intelligent adaptive behavior: they can break off the mission, find more information then decide what to do, or, if necessary, they can work in "shared autonomy" mode with a human operator that “remotely operate” them, avoiding the operator to perform operations that can be dangerous for the integrity of the vehicle, of the environment and of the people in the surroundings.

Info Solution develops applications in the field of robotics, perception and artificial intelligence.

Info Solution designs and develops the mechanics, the electronics and the software, both in the case of a brand new project for a new vehicle and in the case of integration of new features into existing vehicles, choosing the most appropriate sensors and integrating them into the system and the platform.

The electronics and software are dedicated to:

• perception of the environment by the vehicle

• modeling of georeferenced objects in the environment

• identifying objects in the environment

• tracking objects in the environment

• Route Planning

• Path Following

• reaction to unexpected events or obstacle avoidance

• execution of the mission or of the operator commands

• Low level control of the vehicle

• operator interface and operator-vehicle link

The mechanical design is dedicated to:

• Structures design and implementation

• Drives and transmissions design and construction

• Electrical systems design and motors integration with the platform and with the electronic system


Supervision systems for the indoor UGV team, and ground stations for outdoor UGV


The proposed solutions, Autonomous Land Vehicle (ALV), are based on autonomous indoor and outdoor navigation systems used on specific vehicles:

INDOOR ALV applications


AGV (automated guided vehicle) consisting of an electric Pallet jack, for autonomous goods handling


Smart electric wheelchair that, thanks to assisted driving, eases the control of the wheelchair for people with movement disorders and avoids possible dangers


Rover for indoor surveillance, equipped with a camera for second-level monitoring and for remote monitoring of alarmed areas

OUTDOOR ALV Applications


UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) for outdoor environments with autonomous navigation, used in day / night reconnaissance for the purpose of surveillance around critical areas (warehouses, infrastructures, villas), with the possibility of assisted remote driving.


UGV for extraterrestrial exploration, able to self-localize and navigate without the use of satellite tracking


Autonomous driving system for military vehicles

Intelligent subsystems


On-board computer for control and navigation.

MLLU - Monster Low Level Unit

On-board device for low level real time vehicle control


Web-based application for configuration, missions supervision and coordination of the indoor rover fleet


Operator console for outdoor rover mission control



Georeferenced 3D reconstruction of the explored environment


Route planning within known areas (maps?)


Calculating and following the trajectory between two way points


Simultaneous localization and mapping


Avoid unexpected obstacles that are not present in the map


Objects identification in the location

VISUAL odometry

Images-based vehicle localization technology

LASER odometry

Laser-based vehicle localization technology


Relative localization system and underwater navigation


Mosaicing through the modeling of a scenery flown over by a tactical flying drone.


Roby Guard on snow
Drive test on snowy soils
LLU Pilot
Giovanni De Salvo presents LLU Pilot
Unicredit award
Start Up award for Info Solution S.p.A
Roby Pallet
Automatic guided vehicle
G. De Salvo present "Energeticamente" project
Workshop organized by Fondazione Politecnico at the end of Energeticamente project
infosolutionspa ROBY GUARD SU NEVE Roby Guard è un Rover a guida autonoma per la sorveglianza dinamica di immobili e terreni, dotat…
infosolutionspa Info Solution S.p.A. è una realtà italiana al 100%, azienda privata e indipendente che fornisce consulenza per la r…
infosolutionspa Info Solution S.p.A. è una realtà italiana al 100%, azienda privata e indipendente che fornisce consulenza per la r…
infosolutionspa Info Solution S.p.A. è una realtà italiana al 100%, azienda privata e indipendente che fornisce consulenza per la r…
infosolutionspa Info Solution S.p.A. è una realtà italiana al 100%, azienda privata e indipendente che fornisce consulenza per la r…