Who we are looking for

Graduates and undergraduates interested in developing their own technical and managerial skills in highly technological fields and that want to compete in a greatly dynamic business environment in constant development.

For graduates

Hiring with:

    • Fixed term contract,
    • Apprenticeship contract
    • Permanent contract.

We value human relationships and foster the improvement of our resources

    • Tutoring before or during activity
    • Work opportunities throughout Italy

Among the opportunities:

    • Digital and analogue hardware design
    • Firmware and software design and development on embedded C e C++ systems
    • Control algorithm modeling and development (Matlab, Simulink)
    • Supervision and control system development (Java, C#, .NET)
    • Web and mobile app development (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile)

For undergraduates

    • Admission in research internships or development activities with coaching by senior technicians.
    • Thesis work placements within the company operations
    • Working with innovative and highly requested technologies

Some available topics:

    • Body Motion tracking
    • Smart metering
    • Robotics: firmware and software development
    • Home Automation
    • Mobile Apps

Unicredit award
Start Up award for Info Solution S.p.A
Roby Pallet
Automatic guided vehicle
G. De Salvo present "Energeticamente" project
Workshop organized by Fondazione Politecnico at the end of Energeticamente project
LLU Pilot
Giovanni De Salvo presents LLU Pilot
infosolutionspa LLU Pilot - Sistema di guida autonoma https://t.co/1DTBgSq0Jp
infosolutionspa Vimodrone, la lavatrice che "parla" alle massaie https://t.co/F8cdzKy51c via @giornomartesana
infosolutionspa @infosolutionspa è Alliance Partner @NI_Italy test validazione #LabVIEW #TestStand per sistemi complessi in settori… https://t.co/c2DxM0lTUF
infosolutionspa #Candy in partnership con #InfoSolutionspa e altre aziende ha vinto il bando “Accordi per la ricerca e l’innovazion… https://t.co/psbKf231dZ

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